Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 review

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Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 review

The Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 have entered the market as a mid-range option in Samsung's rapidly evolving line of wireless earbuds. This review delves into the key features and improvements offered by the Galaxy Buds 2, highlighting their design, fit, sound quality, active noise cancellation, call quality, connectivity, and battery life.

**Design and Fit:**

The Galaxy Buds 2 feature a refined in-ear design that is 15% smaller than their predecessor, allowing for a more discreet appearance when worn. The plastic construction with touch panels on each earbud, though effective, might benefit from a matte finish for a more understated look. The touch panels are highly responsive, but their sensitivity could lead to accidental taps during adjustments or removal.


The article praises the Galaxy Buds 2 for improved comfort over their predecessors, offering an extended wear experience without discomfort. Multiple sets of silicone ear tips ensure a secure fit, though some miss the wingtips from earlier models for an even snugger feel.

**Sound Quality:**

The Galaxy Buds 2 impress with their audio quality, especially in the bass department. The review highlights the punchy bass output, and the sound quality is considered comparable to the higher-tier Galaxy Buds Pro. Samsung's proprietary Scalable Codec enhances the audio experience when used with a Samsung smartphone.

**Active Noise Cancellation:**

The Galaxy Buds 2 stand out in their price range by providing active noise cancellation (ANC), effectively blocking out background noise. The ANC performance is noted to be effective against higher frequency sounds, even outperforming some competitors in the same price bracket.

**Call Quality:**

Call quality has been a point of improvement for Samsung's earbuds, and the Galaxy Buds 2 deliver the best call experience among Samsung's offerings. The sophisticated mic array and Voice Pickup Unit contribute to improved voice clarity. The addition of machine learning to block background noise further enhances call quality.

**Connectivity and Features:**

The Galaxy Buds 2 come with a range of features familiar from earlier Samsung models, including hands-free voice activation, easy pairing with Windows PCs, and Game Mode for reduced audio-video latency in gaming. Some features found in the Galaxy Buds Pro, such as 360-degree audio and Voice Detect, are missing from the Galaxy Buds 2.

**Battery Life:**

Samsung's claims about battery life seem accurate, with the Galaxy Buds 2 offering up to 5 hours with ANC on and 7.5 hours with ANC off. The charging case extends this by up to 28 hours. A quick 5-minute charge provides an hour of listening time. While the battery life is not as impressive as the Galaxy Buds+, it's still considered commendable for the price point.


The Galaxy Buds 2 carve out their place in Samsung's earbud lineup by offering a strong set of features and improvements over their predecessors. They are seen as a worthwhile upgrade for owners of older Samsung earbud models. 

The review recommends the Galaxy Buds 2 as a strong option in their price segment due to their exceptional sound quality, improved call quality, active noise cancellation, and decent battery life. However, the audience is advised to choose them if they're using a Samsung device for the best experience.

Overall, the review paints a positive picture of the Galaxy Buds 2, showcasing their strengths and positioning them as a solid choice for those in the market for wireless earbuds.