Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra vs Galaxy S24: Unraveling All Differences

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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra vs Galaxy S24: Unraveling All Differences

Design, Display, and Size

David vs Goliath

The Galaxy S24 Ultra boasts a substantial 6.8-inch screen, towering over the more compact 6.2-inch display of the Galaxy S24. The size difference is not just in the display but extends to the overall dimensions and weight.

  • Galaxy S24 Ultra Dimensions and Weight:
    • Dimensions: 6.39 x 3.11 x 0.34 inches
    • Weight: 8.22 oz (233 g)
  • Galaxy S24 Dimensions and Weight:
    • Dimensions: 5.79 x 2.78 x 0.3 inches
    • Weight: 5.93 oz (168 g)

The design divergence is noticeable, with the Galaxy S24 Ultra adopting a passport-like design featuring sharp corners, while the Galaxy S24 follows a more conventional rounded corner approach.

Both phones, however, share a departure from curved screens, opting for flat displays with a 1-120Hz adaptive refresh rate. The Ultra model takes it a step further with a 1440p resolution, compared to the S24's 1080p screen.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra introduces a titanium frame, a departure from the Armor Aluminum frame utilized by the regular S24.

Performance and Software

The Galaxy S24 Ultra and S24 both run on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, but distinctions arise in RAM and storage.

  • Galaxy S24 Ultra Performance:
    • 12GB RAM
    • Storage options: 256GB (base)
  • Galaxy S24 Performance:
    • 8GB RAM
    • Storage options: 128GB (base)

Software-wise, both devices launch with Android 14 and Samsung's One UI 6.1, promising an impressive seven-year support for OS upgrades and security patches.


The camera setup sets the Ultra apart with four rear cameras, including a distinctive 50MP 5X zoom lens, a feature absent in the three-camera array of the Galaxy S24.

  • Galaxy S24 Ultra Camera:
    • 200MP main sensor
    • 12MP ultra-wide sensor
    • 10MP 3X telephoto sensor
    • 50MP 5X telephoto sensor
  • Galaxy S24 Camera:
    • 50MP main sensor
    • 12MP ultra-wide sensor
    • 10MP 3X zoom sensor

Both devices benefit from Samsung's enhanced color science, delivering more natural-looking images and refined processing.

Audio Quality and Haptics

While the Galaxy S24 Ultra's larger size suggests potentially improved audio quality, a direct comparison awaits. Haptic feedback, however, remains consistent between both models.

Battery Life and Charging

The Galaxy S24 Ultra packs a larger 5000mAh battery, offering a potential advantage over the smaller 4000mAh battery in the Galaxy S24. Charging speeds also differ, with the Ultra supporting faster 45W wired charging, compared to the S24's 25W.

Specs Comparison

Here's a summarized overview of the key specifications:


Galaxy S24 Ultra

Galaxy S24

Size, weight

162.3 x 79 x 8.6 mm, 233 grams

147 x 70.6 x 7.6 mm, 167 grams


6.8" OLED WQHD+ 1440p 1-120Hz

6.7" OLED 1080p 1-120Hz


Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 4nm

Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 (US) Exynos 2400 (Limited Markets) 4nm

RAM, Storage

12/256GB, 12/512GB, 12/1TB

8/128GB, 8/256GB


200MP main, 12MP ultra, 10MP 3X telephoto, 50MP 5X telephoto, 12MP front

50MP main, 12MP ultra, 10MP 3X zoom, 12MP front





USB-C 45W wired, 15W wireless, Reverse wireless

USB-C 25W wired, 15W wireless, Reverse wireless


Choosing between the Galaxy S24 Ultra and S24 hinges on your size preference – a larger phone with enhanced battery life and S Pen support in the Ultra or a more compact design with the regular S24. Software features align, but the Ultra caters to gaming enthusiasts with its larger cooling plate.

Q&A Section

Q1: What distinguishes the Galaxy S24 Ultra's camera setup from the Galaxy S24? 

A1: The Galaxy S24 Ultra features a unique 50MP 5X zoom lens absent in the Galaxy S24, providing enhanced zoom capabilities.

Q2: How does the size and design differ between the Galaxy S24 Ultra and Galaxy S24? 

A2: The Galaxy S24 Ultra is larger, featuring a 6.8-inch display and a titanium frame, while the Galaxy S24 is more compact with a 6.2-inch screen and an Armor Aluminum frame.

Q3: What are the charging differences between the Galaxy S24 Ultra and Galaxy S24? 

A3: The Galaxy S24 Ultra supports faster 45W wired charging, whereas the Galaxy S24 has slower 25W charging speeds.