Samsung galaxy z fold 6 review

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samsung galaxy z fold 6 review

Samsung's Flagship Foldable for 2024 is in the Works

Samsung has demonstrated mastery in the realm of foldable phones, exemplified by the success of the SamsungGalaxy Z Fold 5. Despite its similarities to its predecessor, the Z Fold 5 earned a noteworthy 4.5-star score in our review. Anticipating the release of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6, we explore the latest leaks and rumors surrounding this flagship foldable.

Release Date & Price

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6: Release Date and Price

The release date of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 remains speculative, adhering to Samsung's yearly cadence, with the last three models launching in August of their respective release years. Although the announcement month may fluctuate, we expect a release in July or August of 2024, echoing the historical pattern.

As for the price, considering the Z Fold 5's starting point at $1,799.99 / £1,749 / AU$2,599, the Z Fold 6 is likely to maintain a comparable price point. However, rumors hint at a potential cost reduction, with Samsung exploring more economical methods for creating bezels on its foldable screen. Additionally, whispers of a more budget-friendly Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 FE model further add to the intrigue.

News & Leaks

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6: News and Leaks

The initial leak about the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 surfaced in April, courtesy of the reputable @Tech_Reve. This source hinted at a "major form factor change," specifically altering the aspect ratio of the cover screen. While details on this change remain elusive, the potential shift towards a wider cover screen resembles a trend seen in competitors like the Oppo Find N2 and Google Pixel Fold.

Despite the confirmed trial of a revised aspect ratio during the Z Fold 5's development, the design team opted for a narrow form factor for reasons related to "usability, grip, and portability." Nevertheless, recent leaks suggest a persistent pursuit of a new aspect ratio for the Fold 6, albeit using the same image sensor as the Z Fold 5.

Additional leaks reveal consistency in camera specifications, with all cameras on the Galaxy Z Fold 6 mirroring those on the Z Fold 5. Speculations also suggest a potential increase in the size of the cover screen and the integration of dust-proofing, aligning with Samsung's commitment to advancing foldable phone durability.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6: What We Want to See

While the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 proved impressive, the Z Fold 6 beckons for more significant enhancements. Our wishlist includes:

  1. A Wider Cover Screen: The Z Fold 5's 6.2-inch cover display, though functional, is narrower than optimal. We anticipate a broader cover screen for improved usability.
  2. The Same Cameras as the S24 Ultra: Given the Z Fold 5's camera hardware alignment with the previous model, we hope for a leap in camera quality, mirroring the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra's impressive setup.
  3. An S Pen Included: While the Z Fold 5 supports the S Pen, we advocate for its inclusion with the Z Fold 6, aligning with the practices of other Samsung devices.
  4. Dust Resistance: Enhancing durability, we aspire for dust resistance, a standard feature in non-foldable handsets. Recent indications from Samsung suggest progress in this direction.
  5. No More Crease: Addressing a common challenge in foldable phones, we urge Samsung to minimize or eliminate the visible crease on the Z Fold 6.

Q&A Section

Q: What distinguishes the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 from its predecessors?

A: The Z Fold 6 promises a potential major form factor change, a wider cover screen, and improvements in camera technology, aiming to surpass the accomplishments of its predecessors.

Q: When can we expect the official announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6?

A: Based on Samsung's historical release cadence, the official announcement is likely to occur in July or August of 2024.

Q: How does the pricing strategy of the Z Fold 6 differ from its predecessors?

A: While maintaining a comparable starting price to its predecessors, rumors suggest a potential cost reduction, and the introduction of a more budget-friendly Z Fold 6 FE model adds a new dimension to Samsung's pricing strategy.

Explore the latest updates and rumors surrounding the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6, Samsung's flagship foldable for 2024. Uncover insights into its potential release date, pricing, anticipated features, and our wishlist for significant improvements. Stay informed about the evolution of Samsung's foldable phone technology.